We Technology

We are the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) at the University of Utah, otherwise known as ACM@UofU or the U of U ACM. We invite those from all computing-related majors—including CS, CE, ECE, EAE, IS, and others—to join our community of graduate and undergraduate students who are passionate about technology. We regularly host a variety of networking, academic, and career-related events, including tech talks and demos by industry professionals, programming competitions and hackathons, study groups, and social events like game and movie nights that let you kick back and relax with people who share your interests. Everyone is welcome to come to our events, whether you’re a current member of ACM or not. Check our events page to see what we have coming up.

ACM@UofU is a chapter of the international Association for Computing Machinery, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society. ACM aims to advance computing worldwide as a science and profession, and sponsors student-led chapters in universities around the world to help promote this goal. Membership with the international ACM organization is not a requirement for participating in our chapter, but is provided by ACM to students at a discount and grants you access to learning resources and ACM’s vast academic digital library. If you’d like to learn more about the international ACM organization, have a look at their website.

We also encourage you to become a volunteer with ACM@UofU to help us plan and carry out events. Becoming a volunteer with ACM puts you in direct contact with many of the faculty in the CS department as well as CE, ECE, and EAE. It also allows you network with people in industry at places like Goldman Sachs, Adobe, and Microsoft. Even if you’re a new student you can make valuable contributions, and the connections you make now with other students, faculty, and industry professionals will prove invaluable to you in your academic and professional career. Your voice is important, and you can help make ACM a better resource for everyone. Feel free to join us at any of our weekly meetings for fun conversation with the officers, and to find out how you can help.

To get chapter updates and alerts, consider becoming a full member of our ACM chapter. You can also join our Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter.

Why Join ACM?


Connect with the broader technology industry by taking advantage of opportunities to interact with professionals and researchers. ACM@UofU regularly hosts talks, tours, and panel discussions with tech companies and academics throughout Utah and elsewhere, with the goal of allowing members to explore rewarding areas of technology that they can establish or expand their careers in.


Engage in activities that will help sharpen valuable technical and communication skills. ACM@UofU hosts events such as tech demos, programming competitions, and hackathons, often with exciting prizes that can be won by participants. If you’re looking to start or join a project, ACM is a great place to come to with ideas that can help turn your class learning into practical experience. Volunteering with ACM and participating in certain events can also look good on a résumé or scholarship application.


Network with students, faculty, and industry professionals. Being a part of ACM can help you expand your network of friendship and support, and can potentially help you find contacts that will help you land a job or make your next big project idea a reality. We encourage members to connect and collaborate with one another on projects both in and outside of classes, and we often host social events that allow you to meet new people and decompress from your studies.